In 1925, Mrs. Karen Nissen bequeathed to the town of St. Ansgar a liberal sum to be used for a public library, the same to be called the "Nissen Library". A location was procured on Main St., just east of the Champlin oil station and work was begun. In September 1927, Miss Iola Lund was elected to be the first librarian. Disaster fell in September, 1929, when the filling station near the library exploded, causing the death of Mr. Parker, the owner, and the destruction of the library. The books were moved to a room in the Klindt Hotel. At the next meeting, architect's plans for a new building were discussed. After various suggestions as to a location, a lot belonging to R.C. Mueller was selected. In a meeting with the Town Council, it was agreed that the council rooms, a rest room, and the library be housed in one building. Plans went forward, and in 1930 the present library was erected.